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Scientific Research in Indonesia needs big momentum to accelerate: A Reflection from Asian Games 2018

The tagline of “Indonesia Emas 2045” or Golden Indonesia 2045 is  echoing in Indonesia. We, as a nation, are aiming to be a sovereign, developed,  just and prosperous nation at that time. In order to achieve those goals, we have many homework to be done. Two of the most important sectors are science and technology. They are powerful resources for a nation because they are related to many aspects of our lives from food, environment, infrastructure, access to information, defense and till sovereignty of a nation. Scientific research clearly plays an important role in the progress of science and technology of a country. However, have we been doing something big to create a power in science and technology by scientific research?

Indonesia Talent in Science and Technology, Where are They Now?

Who does not know B.J Habibie? He was the former president of the Republic of Indonesia and former ministry of Research and Technology. He was known not only because he was a president but also a prominent figure in Science and Technology in Indonesia history, widely known as the father of technology of Indonesia. His achievements in the field of aviation and aerospace are galore and praised internationally. One of them is Theodore von Karman award from International Council for Aeronautical Sciences awarded in 1992. He is regarded as a visionary in science and technology. He established Indonesia strategic industries. One of them is PT. Dirgantara Indonesia. Under his directions, it was able to make the first aircraft for Indonesia. I would say he is genius! However, do we know other figures in science and technology besides B.J Habibie? Most people will tell no even though we had some others for example Dr. Samaun Samadikun, the father of electronics of Indonesia. But, in a past few…