Arrival-YSEP Part 2

I and my friends from Indonesia who also enrolled for YSEP (Young Scientist Exchange Program at Tokyo Tech) arrived at Tokyo on 12 September 2014. I was not a tiring flight since before I have already experienced 15 Hours flight from Jakarta-Geneva and the way back :). It was a nice 9 o'clock morning (approximately), not too hot and not too cold. I felt a little bit difference when landed at Haneda airport. I was using Garuda Indonesia, National Airlines Company but I was not in Indonesia anymore. We walked to the waiting room, I and my tutor, his name is Takumu Honda agreed to meet at that place. He wanted to pick me up. All the letters written for information are Japanese character (Hiragana and Katakana) and Chinese Character (Kanji) eventhough they had translations for English in the airport area. Finally I met him and also my friends met their tutors.

Waiting for the bus
I and Takumu
We then bought a ticket for bus to go to dormitory where I am going to live for one year, Shofu Dormitory. It took a long time to arrive at Shofu. It was my first time to see Tokyo and a part of Japan, first impression was very great. They had a clean environment, well arranged city and so tidy. The roads also had good surface, no holes at all. The city also had green area in some places and the most important thing was the pedestrian had a traffic light to ensure their safety when they crossed the road and if there is no traffic light at the crossing, they would be first priority if they used zebra cross.  From Haneda we headed to Tama Plaza train station by bus, it costed 1.100 Yen and from Tama Plaza station we went to Aobadai station, costed 150 Yen and then walking around 10 minutes to reach the dorm. It was around 1 p.m and soon I did some moving in administration and after that put all my luggage and stuffs in the room. I am staying with Baim, my friends from Indonesia in a double room. We shared kitchen, shower and toilet. 

Then we went to Konbini (Japanese-English of Convenient store) to buy some food ingredients and then back to dorm because we were tired and hungry. We were so lazy to pack out our stuffs in the luggage and of course too tired to cook. Fortunately Ilham, students from Indonesia who studying for undergraduate courses in Tokyo Tech were willing to accompany us to find a restaurant. I and my YSEP Friends from Indonesia then went to Gasto, the name of the restaurant to have late brunch. I knew the price of meals would be higher than in Indonesia and moreover Tokyo is the second most expensive city in the world (the first one is Geneva, the city I have been there before). We ate and talked enjoying our first moment eating in Tokyo. 

In the restaurant
After that, we went back to our dorm and did some registration for Internet inside the room and also for mobile phone, it took around 2.5 hours, tiring but finally I could have internet therefore could contact my family in Indonesia. Next we begun to pack out our stuffs and then did some arrangement in our room. It was tiring because I brought a lot of stuffs including cloths, back up foods, laptop, souvenirs and some books. After that I took a shower and then cook rice for dinner. I did not know, I brought my rice cooker but it looked like not working in Tokyo, maybe because of the electric input property but at least the rice could be cooked for 3 hours. We had our late dinner and then slept to charge our energy after this memorial and tiring day! Hi Tokyo!


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